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Sarah Day

Sales associate, Realtor®, CPA

Bozeman, MT
Bozeman, MT
Sarah Day understands the value of open space, which is why she decided to pair her passion for real estate with her passion for conservation. Her experience and Montana roots arm her with the ability to provide you with an exceptional buying or selling experience — whether you are looking to sell property, or find a corner of the Gallatin Valley to call your own.
As a real estate agent, Sarah has committed to donate 10% of her commissions to local organizations working in land conservation. She views this as a way to leverage the economic success of the valley to protect its open space, trails and scenic views for future generations to enjoy. After all, it is Montana’s beauty that draws people here in the first place.
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Land Conservation in Montana - On The Shoulders of Giants

This 20 minute film explores four decades of private land conservation in Montana and inspired Sarah to include supporting land conservation as part of her business.

Current population trends prove that Montana private land conservation will become even more important in the future.
Produced in 2016 in association with the Montana Association of Land Trusts, this marks the 40th anniversary of Montana’s first conservation easement. Montana landowners partnered with land trusts in 1976 to begin the conservation of 2.4 million acres of private land, benefiting wildlife, agriculture, clean water and a strong outdoor economy.

Professional Real Estate Services

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Sarah Day is a licensed Sales Associate with Berkshire Hathaway 
HomeServices Montana Properties with the expertise and passion to help you 
buy or sell property in Bozeman and the surrounding Gallatin Valley.

Buying Property

Sarah Day enjoys helping people find their corner of Montana, whether it be their first or next home. Using her knowledge of the area and current inventory, she aims to make the search processes a rewarding experience. Buying a home is a big decision, but it can also be a great adventure. As a licensed Sales Associate, she can show you any properties currently on the market. She’s here to partner with you from start to finish, helping you find your perfect property in “The Last Best Place”.

Selling Property

Looking to sell your home or property? Look no further. In addition to helping you navigate the process, Sarah Day can increase the exposure your property receives through professional marketing materials and old fashioned word-of-mouth. Before it’s listed, she’ll help make sure your home is ready to show and be competitive in the market. If you’re thinking of selling but not sure what your property might currently be worth, feel free to contact her for a free, no commitment Comparative Market Analysis.
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About Sarah Day

Sales Associate, Realtor®, CPA

Her Mission
To Support Conservation With Every Sale
Bozeman, MT

Sarah Day is a Sales Associate with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana Properties. She is also a Montana native with a love for the outdoor opportunities and majestic landscapes "The Last Best Place" provides. She obtained her bachelors in Economics from Connecticut College and her masters in Professional Accountancy from Montana State University. She is a CPA with experience in individual tax preparation, non-profit accounting and volunteer leadership. Although her background is in accounting and fundraising, her passion has always been real estate.
Sarah Day
Sarah Day
Sarah was raised on a cattle ranch outside Bozeman and although she moved around the country, is happily settled back in the Gallatin Valley. She understands the draw and allure of this area that called her back home almost 10 years ago. She is excited to use her talents, energy and experience to help you with all your real estate endeavors. Her attention to detail and love of working with people provides the perfect combination for creating successful transactions.

When she’s not helping you close the deal, she’s likely out hiking with her dog or horseback riding. Give her a call with any real estate questions — she looks forward to working with you!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about real estate services and Sarah’s devotion to her community

What sets me apart?

I am a Montana native with a passion for my community and its well-being. I am detail-oriented, have a strong financial background, and am invested in your needs, whether you are looking to buy or sell a property.

Why is conservation important to me?

Growing up on a ranch gave me a great appreciation for open space. I believe that protecting open space is critical for our community, as it maintains a habitat for wildlife, and also provides residents with gorgeous views and numerous ways to connect with nature. I am a full believer in outdoor therapy!

Why did I choose to donate 10% of my commissions to local conservation?

I see this as a way to use the growth in our area to help protect open space for the future — using growth for good. I feel strongly that our community should invest in the future of open space so that we can all enjoy the scenic views and trails that draw people to our region every day. What better way to do that than to have funds from the sale of development go back into conservation efforts? As highlighted in the documentary, On the Shoulders of Giants, conservation is important to everyone who lives or moves here and should be a priority to our residents and business owners.

What have local conservation groups done for the Gallatin Valley?

There have been 121,485 acres conserved in the Gallatin Valley - this is no small feat. This protects active agriculture, wildlife habitat and the incredible scenic views the entire community enjoys. In addition, over 80 miles of trails have been created and maintained so that regardless of where you live, you are likely just minutes from a trailhead.

What is a conservation easement?

A conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement that protects natural resources from unwanted development and fragmentation. Land under easement remains private property. Owners can continue to live on the land and use it for farming, ranching, forestry, recreation, education or other activities that sustain its resources. The property can be sold or passed on to heirs; the conservation easement transfers with it, protecting the land forever.

How can you support conservation?

There are so many opportunities in Bozeman to contribute to land conservation! Be stewards of the trails: use them, promote them and always practice proper trail etiquette. Volunteer: reach out to local organizations to see what volunteer opportunities are available. Donate: if you are able, consider donating yourself to these organizations. Every dollar counts! Appreciate: don't take the landscapes and open space for granted because its future is not guaranteed. And when you are ready to buy or sell a home, keep me in mind — I will always donate 10% of my commissions to local conservation organizations to protect what is so special about this valley.

I want to buy a home. What are the first steps?

The first step is to determine your budget, which might include getting pre-approved through a lender. The second step is to think about the characteristics you are looking for in a home – size, location, style. Then give me a call and together we can start working to find your perfect home!

How do I know what my home is worth?

How much you could currently get for your home depends on many factors including the current market, level of inventory and the attributes of your unique home. All these items are factored into deciding where to position your home on the market to best achieve your goals. If you’d like to know more, please contact me for a free, no commitment, Comparative Market Analysis.

Why should I use an agent?

I recommend using an agent to ensure that you have an experienced advocate during the home buying or selling process. An agent will be familiar with the current inventory, market trends, requirements and procedures. They will act in your best interest to guide you through the process so that you can focus on what’s most important – successfully completing your personal real estate goals.
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